Slack Redesign
Slack is a popular communication platform designed for businesses and organizations, facilitating collaboration through channels, direct messages, and integrations with various tools and services. It's widely used for team communication, project management, and as a central hub for work-related information and files.
Slack feature re-design by Sarah Jiang
For Kleiner Perkins redesign a feature challenge

Managing multiple accounts and workplaces on Slack is difficult. switching between profiles and navigating numerous workspaces leads to a confusing and inefficient user experience.
Profile Switching Complexity: Users with multiple Slack profiles, such as for different workplaces or projects, may find it cumbersome to switch between these profiles within the app. Unlike some other communication platforms, Slack does not provide a universal profile.

Workspace Navigation: Slack organizes conversations within workspaces, and when a user is part of multiple workspaces, navigating between them can become confusing. The app interface may not make it immediately clear how to switch workspaces, or the process may involve too many steps, leading to a frustrating user experience.
Original Design
introducing a unified "Manage Workplaces" feature in Slack, enabling users to easily view, navigate, and modify all their associated workspaces and email links from a single, streamlined interface.
Side by Side Comparison
simpler and cleaner UI with addition of manage workspaces and a more clear add a workspace button



three user actions condensed into one page, easily view all workspaces under each signed in email, search and jump to workspaces
Old Workspace Management
Old Workspace Management
Old Check Signed in Workspaces
Old Check Signed in Workspaces
Old Revoke Email Screen
Old Revoke Email Screen


Additional features to directly edit settings, view information, and manage profile of logged in workspaces, improved ease of access
User flow and wireframe initial sketch
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