NIKE : rtfkt SPACE DRIP Air force 1
The RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 is a unique collaboration between Nike's Web3 studio RTFKT and 19 different artists, creating a democratized footwear line. This initiative was designed to give each artist the opportunity to create their own official RTFKT Space Drip x Nike Air Force 1 sneaker design. The project was launched in March 2021 and included 18 artists, with Paris Hilton being the 19th artist. 
coinbase and opensea
onchain summer

OpenSea's curated drop illuminates how going onchain not only enhances creative expression but also enriches the broader digital landscape.
Patchworks by Cameo Pass is an art collection that features over 20 unique and well-known artists, and a never-before-seen art mechanic involving the splitting of each art piece. Co-curated by Andrew Wang, one of web3's well-known storytellers and artists, Patchworks was created to bring a new version of art collecting to the forefront. From artists like Vinnie Hager to Zwist, to Soulosaint and more, this art collection features a number of unique artists from all kinds of backgrounds.
WHISKerS: Last fish!
card game
More project links and images coming soon
NIFTY gateway
dreaming of clouds

Dimension studios: metashima droid design
EPIC the musical: ALBUM  COVERS
(images coming soon)
Call of duty mw II assets: currently under nda
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